Open World Darts Championship
among amateurs


with the main prize of 1 million US dollars

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© copyright 2019 WADC World Amateur Darts Championship  "HEROES"® GEROI.FIT version


WADC World Amateur Darts Championship, the first Open World Championship in Darts among Amateurs according to "HEROES"®  GEROI.FIT takes place online throughout the year, every year. This is the first and only at the moment World Championship in this format. All interested people participate, including partners and sponsors, without restrictions on age, a gender, or residence. A great combination of online and offline activities. The competition starts on January 7, 2019.

Participation in the Championship is free, with the exception of the registration fee.

Goals and Objectives of the Tournament:

  • Popularization of amateur sport and healthy lifestyle;

  • Motivation to win and sports excitement through sport to any activity;

  • Team building for corporate and friend companies;

  • Exclusive entertainment and a great memory story


  • The best in the world;

  • The best in the country;

  • The best in the city;

  • The best in the team (in the family, team, company);

  • The best (team, company) in your city;

  • The best team in the country;

  • The best team in the world.


  • The main prize is $ 1 million in the national currency of the Winner *;

  • Memorable Cups and Diplomas in nominations.


  • From the moment of publication and until the determination of the owner of the Main Prize.

  • For the entire duration of the competition - permanently updated Rating of Participants.

  • Results in nominations for each year.

Championship Financing:

  • Registration Fee, $1 ** from each participant;

  • Advertise with Google AdSence;

  • Sponsors. Become a Sponsor

Competition Organizer - Fitness Studios Franchise "HEROES"®  GEROI.FIT 

* condition - participation of at least 6 million people.

** 1 currency unit - 1 US dollar at the rate of national currency on the day of payment.

Where are the competition locations?

At home, in the office, at our partners. In addition to self-participation using your sports equipment, you can participate in the locations of our partners, see the map below. If your partner is not represented in your city,  e-mail us

Brief Competition Rules

  1. Sign up, pay Registration Fee and play.

  2. During the competition process, record your results on video and e-mail Youtube link  to us. Sample video is here.

  3. Compete further with your friends, colleagues, with your city residents, country and the whole world!


  • Automatically enter World Ranking! Fight for memorable diplomas, cups and the Main Prize!

  • Championship among amateurs, the participation of professional sportsmen in darts is not allowed.

  • The championship is held online, with self-registration and fixation of results by recording on video.

  • There are several rounds to complete victory and identify the champion with the main prize.

  • The First Round (Round I) takes place without time limit - any Participant can register, pay for the Registration Fee and take part.

  • In the second (Round II) round, only those who have passed the First Round take part, competitions are held at the designated date and time in the local time zone of the participant.

  • The organizers reserve the right to assign additional tours to identify the World Champion, as well as in other categories.



Detailed Competition Rules


The basic concepts and rules are taken from the World Darts Federation, due to the fact that the Darts Cup is amateur, many paragraphs of the rules are simplified.


WADC (World Amateur Darts Championship) according to GEROI.FIT

Tournaments - WADC Cup competitions, WADC rating competitions and WADC sanctioned competitions.

Organizers means WADC or a performer nominated for the tournament.

Official website - a website on the Internet for informing about the holding of all competitions of the WADC in english at https://www.geroi.fit/wadc-eng

Player - one or more players, teams.

Player in the "Amateur" category - who is currently and has never participated in professional darts tournaments before.

A match is a fully completed game between two players, sometimes called a "game." A match can be divided into sets.

Stage - the smallest element of the match, which contains a full circle of the game with the identification of the winner and loser.



1.01 Players use their own darts with a total length of no more than 30.5 centimeters and a weight of no more than 50 grams. Each dart has a needle that attaches to the body of the dart. A flight of flight stabilizer is attached to the back of the dart body, which can consist of five separate parts (stabilizing tail, fastening element, protection of tail and shank).

1.02 All darts are thrown alternately with a hand aiming.

1.03 All darts should be thrown so that the needle point is facing towards the target. If a dart is not thrown in this way, the “throw” is declared “wrong throw” and does not count. The throw consists of a maximum of “three” abandoned darts.

1.04 If the player touched any of the darts on target during the throw, such a throw is deemed to have been made.1.05 You can not repeatedly throw a dart, ricocheted bounced or dropped from the target.1.06 A dart falling out of a target before a throw is executed, and also darts removed and returned to the spot are not counted.

2.01 The standard target is divided into twenty numbered sections, usually in black and white, each assigned a number from 1 to 20. In the center is an “apple” (or bull's eye, English bull's eye), which is estimated to hit 50 points, surrounded by a green ring around it (25 points). The outer narrow ring means doubling the sector number, the inner narrow ring means tripling the sector number. Both the outer and inner narrow rings are traditionally painted in red and green. Hitting a dart outside the narrow outer ring does not bring glasses. If the dart does not remain in the target after the throw, it also does not bring points. Usually points are scored after a player throws 3 darts. After this move goes to another player. The maximum possible result of 3 shots is 180 points (if the player hits all three darts in the inner narrow ring of sector 20). 2.02 The player who first came to the end of a hit in a double is declared the winner of this leg or match (as applied to circumstances). A dart throw made by a player after the end of the game does not count.
2.03 A match or a set consisting of lags is played out according to the principle of “a series of up to two wins” (five, seven, etc.) in lags (for example, the player who first won more of a certain number of lags becomes the winner of a match or set and the remaining lags (if any) are not played out.
2.04 A match consisting of sets is played according to the principle of “a series of up to two wins” (five, seven, etc.) in sets (for example, the player who first won more of a certain number of sets, becomes the winner of the match, and the remaining sets ( if they remain) are not played.


3.01 A dart hit is counted only if its needle is in the target or touches its surface within the outer ring “double” until this series of throws is completed.

3.02 The counting is carried out according to the numbers stamped behind the wire ring in each segment in which the dart needle entered the target or touches its surface.

3.03 Darts are removed from the target by the throwing player (except for cases when due to physical incapacity or injury the player needs help), but only after the last throw and all three darts are in the target and everything is clearly recorded on video.


4.01 Targets should be:

(a) made of natural bristle or natural fiber (sisal);

(b) divided into sectors, which are assigned numbers from 1 to 20 according to the principle of the hour dial;

(c) they have an inner central ring, which corresponds to 50 points and which is called “bulseye”;

(d) have an outer central ring, which corresponds to 25 points;

(e) have an inner narrow ring, which is called “triple” and which corresponds to the tripling of the number of the segment;

(f) have an outer narrow ring, which is called “double” and which corresponds to a doubling of the doubling of the number of segment;

(g) are presented by segmented material, including:

- wire section can be round, triangular or rhombic with a thickness of 1.85 mm maximum and a minimum of 1.27 mm. (+/- 0, 2 mm);

- inner and outer “bull” circles (if they are not made of wire) should have a wall thickness of no more than 1.6 mm (+/- 0, 2 mm) and pointed edges;

- the wall thickness of the strip material should not exceed 1.85 mm, and this material should have pointed comb-like edges;

- all segmented material must be either attached to the surface of the board in such a way that it is located in the same plane on the target surface, or - as an option - pressed into the surface of the board.

(h) have the following dimensions:

Dimensions of "double" and "triple":

- for standard boards with wire - measured from the inside to the inside = 8.0 mm (+/- 0, 2 mm);

- for boards made with strip material, measured from crest to crest = 9.6 mm (+/- 0, 2 mm);

inner diameter of the “bull” = 12.7 mm (+/- 0.2 mm);

- inner diameter of the ring "25" = 31.8 mm (+/- 0.3 mm).

The distance from the outer edge of the wire of the “double” ring to the center “bull” = 170.0 mm. (+/- 0.2 mm).

The distance from the outer edge of the wire of the triple ring to the center “bull” = 107.0 mm. (+/- 0.2 mm).

The distance from the outer edge of the wire of the ring “double” to the outer edge = 340.0 mm. (+/- 0.5 mm).

The total diameter of the target (+/- 3.0 mm) = 451.0 mm. (+/- 3.0 mm).

4.02 The target is attached so that the color of the “20” segment is the darker of the two segments and that this segment is located at the top center of the target.

4.03 The target is mounted so that the vertical distance from the floor (at the same level as the line of throwing) to the horizontal line passing through the center of the “bull” is 1.73 meters.

4.04 Electronic Machines
04.04.01 In connection with the advent of modern electronic machines for playing darts, the Rules of our Championship allow play on such devices. However, the main features of the target design should be unchanged.


5.01 The throwing mark is set at the minimum distance from which it is allowed to make throws and which is measured in a straight line running from the mark of throwing throw horizontally along the floor to the perpendicular dropped to the floor from the center of the bull's-eye target and is 2.37 meters.

5.02 When a match is held, players are prohibited from advancing or leaning on any part of the throwing line and throwing darts from any position in which the player’s foot steps beyond the throwing line.

5.03 Any player who violates paragraph 5.01 or 5.02 is not counted and is considered invalid.



6.01 For each tournament held within the framework of the WADC, a set of rules of the game relating to this tournament is provided. Such rules of the game are accepted by the WADC, and at the WADC Cups, by the official WADC Regional Councils, which include Member Committees in a given geographic region.

6.02 The rules of the game for a specific tournament held in the framework of the Championship of WADC foresee the game format of this tournament. (i.e., either competition according to the Olympic system with the loser being eliminated, or holding round-robin matches).

6.03 The rules of the game for a specific tournament held in the framework of the tournament are also provided for the nature of the tournament.

Competitions on the nature of the conduct can be:

  • Online and offline
  • Personal - for both men and women
  • Paired - for both men and women, as well as for mixed couples
  • Teamwork - for three or more people in a team, and the team can be open, limited in number or mixed by gender of its members.
  • Junior - in the framework of individual, pair and team competitions, which provide special restrictions on the age of participants.


7.01 Interpretation of the Rules of the Game for the Championships in respect of tournament competitions are determined by the appointed Team of the Players, whose decision is final and binding. Information regarding this interpretation is sent to the Executive Board of the WADC.

7.02 Any question that is not explicitly covered by the Rules of the WADC Game is decided by the Executive Committee of the WADC, whose decision is final and binding.

7.03 WADC and the Organizers nominated by it reserve the right to cancel, change and postpone the dates, venues and planned nature of the competition without warning.

7.04 All participants in tournaments play according to the Rules of the Game for Children of the Child and the Rules of the game of this tournament, and if necessary, according to the additional Rules established by the officially appointed Organizers and approved as part of the tournament program.

7.05 All participants of the tournaments play under the supervision and management of the designated WADC Organizers and Official Representatives.

7.06 A participant who does not comply with the Rules of the Game for Children at the time of the tournament is suspended from participation in this tournament.

7.07 All prizes and trophies awarded to participants of tournaments remain behind them, with the exception of the transferring permanent prizes, which are returned on request to WADC.

7.08 If a tournament participant was absent at the official awards ceremony (if such is provided) without the permission of the Organizers, such a participant loses any right to receive awards in this tournament.

7.09 A participant who has not participated in all scheduled matches (unless the passes have been allowed by the Organizers due to illness, due to injury or for any other good reason) loses all rights to receive awards in this tournament.

7.10 If due to the fault of the participant any expenses were incurred, such participant shall be obliged to reimburse these expenses.


8.01 The organizers prepare official application forms for participation in the tournament and send these applications to the eligible WADC member committees. The application forms provide for the compilation of a list of participants in the tournament in accordance with each feature of its holding.

8.02 For team and pair competitions, the member committees set the “Order of Throws” for the participants, which cannot be changed in this tournament.

8.03 WADC and the Organizers appointed by it reserve the right to refuse to participate in the tournament to any declared participant at any stage of the competition before, during and after any competition within their Jurisdiction, and their decision is final and binding for all matches that relate to this match.

8.04 The Committee is a member and the Organizers appointed by it reserves the right to refuse to participate in the tournament to any declared participant at any stage of the competition before, during and after any competition within its jurisdiction, and its decision is final and binding for all matches, which are related to this contest.

8.05 The organizers reserve the right to exclude a committee member from the tournament. If the list of registered participants is not received by the deadline. Such a deadline may not exceed 45 days before the start of the tournament.

8.06 Team members (from one player up to the whole team) can be replaced before the tournament and up to the moment when the contestant or team will have to make the first throws in the corresponding competition of the tournament.

8.07 If the participant cannot continue the game due to a valid reason presented in team and pair competitions, it is allowed to replace him, but only by a person who has not yet participated in this tournament. Such a replacement is made only in the periods between matches.

8.08 The substitute player takes the place and number in the "Order of throws" of the absent participant of team or pair competitions.

8.09 A participant may be declared in any competition of this tournament only once.

8.10 A participant can be declared in this tournament only from one country / city / district / house / organization.

8.11 Championship is held only among amateurs, professional darts sportsmen are not allowed to participate.


9.01 All tournament participants are required to register independently or with the help of their team leaders for each match and at the scheduled time.

9.02 Initial registration in competitions takes place by filling in the Application Form on the official website. After filling out the form, participants receive a notification to the specified e-mail with further instructions: payment of the Registration Fee, additional information (mailing address for receiving prizes).

9.03 First Round (Round I) takes place without time limit - any Participant can register, pay the Registration Fee, which is $1 USD in local currency of the participant at the rate of the National Bank and take part.

9.04 In the second (Round II) round, only those who have passed the First Round take part, the competitions take place at the appointed date and time in the local time zone of the speaker.

9.05 A participant who failed to register by the designated time is suspended from this competition in this tournament.

9.06 A participant who is absent when he is called up to play at the appointed moment in time loses the right to participate in this match.

9.07 A player or team has the right to be notified of the time of the next match, in which this player or team must participate according to schedule.


10.01 Within the framework of the Championship there are competitions both online (via the Internet, video and other high technologies) and off-line (traditional methods).

10.02 The first few rounds (Round I, Round II, etc.) are held exclusively online, on the territory of the Participants as well as in the places of the Championship Partners. Map list of partners, see here. Online competitions provide for mandatory video recording of the participation process. Sample video, see here.

10.03 Each competitor must record the process of the game on video. Further, the recorded video should be placed on Youtube.com from your personal open account. A sample video can be viewed here. The video should be with the Title and Description as on the sample, with open access (public). The address link to the video participant sends to the Organizers by e-mail.

10.04 Subsequent tours. The organizers can hold in specially designated premises, more information about this will be informed on the official website.

11. DRAW

11.01 At the discretion of the Organizers (in rounds II and subsequent) there will be a draw. For rivals there is only one draw, which is held before the tournament.

11.02 In the format of the elimination game (on the Olympic system) The organizers arrange preliminary matches in order to exclude empty numbers during the draw from the first round of the competition.

11.03 Schemes of the draw are displayed in the program of the tournament and in places convenient for viewing (on the official site).

11.04 The time in the draws are indicated for informational purposes only, and the Organizers reserve the right to change the schedule if necessary.

11.05 In personal competitions, no substitution is allowed.

11.06 Substitutions are not allowed after the first round of team competitions, unless the rules of the game for a particular competition do not allow the use of reserve team members or there are no valid reasons why such substitutions may be allowed at the discretion of the Organizers.


12.01 The points tables contain the sum of points (Score), the name of the match (World or regional), the indication of the game circle (Round) and the names of the participants (Name). In team and pair competitions, the order of throws performed by team members is entered into the points table.

12.02 In addition to the sum, the table of points takes into account who first played (and sent his results).

12.03 If the sequence of the game is determined by throwing darts into the “bull” zone or the Rules provide for throwing into the “bull” zone in the decisive leg, or if the draw for the order of the game is carried out with the help of a number or coin at the target.

12.04 Within 72 hours from the moment of receiving the video recording of participation in the competitions, the Organizers are obliged to check the Participant's information: the authenticity of the video, the correspondence of the data. During this period, and if the Participant does not violate the Rules of the competition, the results of the Participant of the competition are published in the general and local rankings of the Tournament.

12.05 Within 72 hours after the end of the tournament, the Organizers are required to submit the completed form of the Report on the results of the tournament to the webmaster of WDAC to update the system tables of the world and local rankings.


13.01 During a match, players must behave respectfully towards other players and refrain from provocative actions and the use of offensive expressions and gestures, as well as to prevent manifestations of unsportsmanlike behavior.

13.02 It is believed that every participant who violated, in the opinion of the Organizers, paragraph 13.01, caused damage to the reputation of the sport of darts and is subject to disqualification and suspension from further participation in the tournament. However, if the player or the official representatives of the team of the said player object to disqualification or removal, the case is transferred directly to the Executive Board of the WDAC, whose decision is final and binding.


14.01 The organizers reserve the right to use advertising materials, slogans and logos related to the promotion and organization of tournaments.

14.02 The organizers reserve the right to protect their sponsorship interests in relation to any advertising materials, slogans and logos used by players, teams and other sponsors.

14.03 The players and spectators at the tournament are not allowed to wear any clothing that contains advertising materials, slogans and logos associated with any commodity product or company, without the prior permission of the Organizers.

14.04 Players participating in the tournament are not allowed to use the equipment for the game, which contains any advertising materials, slogans and logos relating to any marketable product or company, without the prior permission of the Organizers.


15.01 All participants and official representatives should refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol both during the matches, directly in the video recording frame, and during official presentations, interviews and presentations.

15.02 Any participant found guilty of violating clause 16.01 is subject to punishment in the form of suspension from participation in competitions, without further receiving awards and prizes or returning them back if they were received earlier during this Championship.


16.01 Round I, Round II of the current year are held from January to June.

16.02 Subsequent tours are from June to the end of December. More information about dates information is posted on the official website of the competition and in the official account on Twitter.


17.01 Prizes, Diplomas, Cups, Prizes from the Sponsors are awarded in accordance with the registration data of the Participants by mail, e-mail. The main prize is presented personally at the awards ceremony. All dates for awarding prizes are published in advance (90 days) on the official competition website and in the official Twitter account.

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